“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift & the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society which honors the
Servent & has
forgotten the gift.”
~Albert Einstein~

Avalon Stables
80143 Hazelton Rd.
Cottage Grove, OR



Welcom to Avalon

Avalon is a premier 70+ acre equestrian facility located in Cottage Grove, a short drive from the Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area. The motto at Avalon is “where horses are number 1” and that is taken to heart with every interaction we have with your horse. From the acres of pasture for turnout, premium feed, and 12x12 foot matted stalls we make sure that your horse is comfortable and happy for all of those hours you have to spend away from the barn.

You are welcome to spend time with your horse whenever the need arises. At Avalon we understand that your life may be high-paced and at times, stressful. We encourage boarders to spend quiet time with their horse; time without an agenda, what we refer to as “grazing time.” There is no better place to find a few moments of peace than the beautiful setting of Avalon.